Tarnish&Gold is a not for profit business dedicated to supporting the community by providing accessible facilities for the creation, education, and appreciation of the arts.  
Tarnish&Gold brings the public together in a cooperative manner; encouraging artists and community members to work together by sharing space.  T&G connects creative ideas, diverse mediums and perspectives resulting in artistic exhibitions and events with substance.   These experiences facilitate genuine interaction, and in turn, social change.
November 2009

Tarnish&Gold registered with the State of MN as a non-profit corporation.  Business planning and preparation was well underway; led by three mission-driven partners, Caitlin LaFlash, Greta Seiffert, and Carly Baker.

 May 2010

Tarnish&Gold opens on Marshall St NE!  In its first year, Tarnish&Gold hosted 17 unique art exhibitions, featuring over 170 artists.

 May 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tarnish&Gold leaves its first home on Marshall St NE.  While gallery staff search for a new home, Tarnish&Gold continues to support and drive the local arts community with various events and sponsorships (No Hard Feelings [May 2011], Red Hot Arts Festival [Aug 2011], local artists featured at the Nomad [May-Oct 2011]).

 November 2011

Tarnish&Gold re-opens in The Foundry Building.  Located on 13th Avenue NE, in the heart of the Minneapolis Arts District, The Foundry Building offers the Twin Cities Community-oriented business in a collaborative space.

 May 2012

Tarnish&Gold is looking forward to celebrating its third birthday during Art-A-Whirl, 2012!  Now settled in The Foundry Building alongside three other local, women-run businesses, Tarnish&Gold expands to encompass new programs and initiatives to further its mission.

Caitlin LaFlash
Founder. Art Director.
Women’s health educator. Activist. Formerly DJ Scratchy Flash 3000. Makes terrible jokes. Socialite. Tarnish & Gold began here. An art history major with a passion for community and the underdog, she began cultivating an idea that would eventually start a conversation between friends, and end with a space.
Greta Seiffert
Founder. Director of public relations and events.
Storyteller. Leg wrestler. Wedding planner. Crazy about Motown. Fairly unhealthy coffee habit. She and Caitlin met while slinging pasta and found similar interests in event planning, hip hop, and art galleries. A partnership was inevitable.
Carly Baker
Founder. Original mastermind of the crafts and designs.
Self taught accountant. Baker of delicious treats. Cupcake infatuation. Her dog’s name is Margo.
She is now busy downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, and designing in Wyoming.
We miss her.
Contributing Players: (We couldn’t do this without them, really.)
Susan LaFlash | 
Essential love and encouragement, with the occasional ‘objective’ opinion.
Bryan & Cheryl Seiffert |
Everlasting support, the occasional family dinner-invite, and moped/truck rental resource.
Jim Forrey, Bre Atkinson, Maggie Airriess, Stacey Marden, Holly Forrey |
Incredible team of amazingly helpful and surprisingly forgiving help.
Paige Guggemos |
TAG Collective creator and curator extraordinaire
Sarah Schiesser |
Graphic Designer
Scott Ray |
Artist – completed mural at The Foundry Building (349 13th Ave NE)