‘BUY ART’ extended through June 30th!

Tarnish&Gold celebrated its anniversary Art-A-Whirl weekend with a blowout opening of ‘BUY ART’! BUY ART features almost 100 pieces by 40 artists; each for $100 or less.

We had a lot of fun during ArtAWhirl, but with this much talent on the walls, we just cannot take it down yet!

Support local artists AND local arts organizations.

BUY ART is a fundraiser for Tarnish&Gold, a not for profit business dedicated to supporting the community by providing accessible facilities for the creation, education, and appreciation of the arts.

So….come down and….BUY ART!


Alan Skamser-O’Neil
Ali Goldberg
Amina Harper
Angel Hawari
Carisa Town
Chris Pernula
Christopher Englund
Chuck U
Dmitry Futoryan
Doug Knutson
Duane Gjesvold
Erica Williams
Ethan Heidlebaugh
Heidi Rostberg
Hilary Lund
Ice Cold Industries
Iris And Alice
Kaily McKee
Marguerite Huss
Mike Carney
Mike Davis
Mo Elliot
Natalie Gallagher
Paige Guggemos
Paul Rolfes
Sara Syverhus
Scott Seekins
Stacy Marden
Steven Lang
Tanya Karpitskiy
Torey Bonar
Ugaso Sheik-Abdi

Visit during gallery hours (F/SAT 12-6PM) or by appointment (info@tarnishandgold.org).

BUY ART will show through June 30, 2012.



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