TONIGHT! Share|Space:3 Opening P(art)y @ The Nomad

Tarnish & Gold presents Share | Space 3 : A Duet

FREE. 7 PM – 2 AM. +MUSIC. 3/24 @ The Nomad

Featuring Artists: Isaac Mann and Aniela Sobieski

Now showing at the Nomad World Pub through the end of April.

Share | Space is a continuation of Tarnish & Gold’s first group exhibition and an ongoing concept for the gallery. Asking artists to work together and share intimate space creates collaborations and encourages new ideas, understanding, progress, and positive social change.

Aniela Sobieski presents a series of small scale oil paintings featuring surreal, doll-like children existing within dreamlike landscapes. The narratives depicted speak of melancholy, love, and loss while embracing the absurd.

Isaac Mann uses contemporary corporate symbols in ‘The Icon Series.’ He articulates tendencies of both homage and pastiche by looking back at specific 20th century artists and reapplying their personal Modern iconographies into a contemporary, multifaceted format. This exhibition also features two of the four oversize ‘american icons’ (untitled 1,2) from 2009, and ‘prints’ the multi-layered microcosms from late last year.

Opening Reception on March 24, 2011 | 7:00 pm


501 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55454

(612) 338-6424

Music at 10:00 pm | Teenage Moods Mini Series | 21+ | FREE

Featuring music from:

Teenage Moods, Safe Words, Bombay Suites, Wisconsin Night Life, and Shit Beast Kitchen Club

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Tarnish & Gold is a non-profit art gallery, space, and initiative dedicated to supporting the community by providing accessible facilities for the creation, education, exhibition, and appreciation of the arts. We will find a way or make one.

Aniela Sobieski and Isaac Mann are also part of Share|Space:2 // A Group Exhibition now showing at THE Tarnish and Gold Gallery until the end of March.

Tarnish&Gold Hours: Wednesday–Saturday

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Thursday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Support LOCAL art |

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