Kris Lewis

Perhaps the beautiful glances in Kris Lewis’s paintings are sourced from an attentiveness to his fellow man.  An untold  story is inscribed in each piece, journeys of which we only catch a snippet or glimpse.  Much of the driving force of his art could also stem from his own mother’s story, a Latvian who fled the Communist regime of her homeland.


Also among Kris’s brushstrokes are glimpses of major artists like Durer, Klimt, and Wyeth.  His attention to the human form revives the antiquated aesthetic of classic masters of old.  In a way, Lewis repurposes this style like the thrifter might pozzazify a vintage cardigan with an embroidered owl.

Already featured in Juxtapoz and in international galleries, Lewis is quickly earning the renown of the master painters he channels through his brush.  For his full collection, visit here.





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