Wang Guangyi

The eighties refuse to die, what with styles and certain genres grandfathering it in, however not all of its resilience deserves daggers.  The close of 1989 birthed the legendary Wang Guangyi, a controversial artist with antagonistic intent.

Channeling the Cultural Revolution’s rigidity, Wang Guangyi’s criticism series embraces the juxtaposed imagery of 60’s style propaganda and American pop art.

Not only blighted with Communism’s legacy, the heir apparent Consumerism offered China a less than ideal shift in power and social thought.  Thus, with a manifesto (qingli renwen reqing—rationality in art is supreme, emotion to be expunged) and a headful of nostalgia for past activism, Wang created his Great Criticism.

The MIA currently houses the piece above entitled, Disney~ 2000. As a sidenote, gaudy eighties earrings also deserve some glory, so respect.


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