12.1.10: Still: Panel Discussion on Art & Music

Tarnish & Gold’s Next Event:

So far, it has been a tremendous run for ‘STILL: New Paintings by Scott West‘ at the Tarnish & Gold Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis. This past week alone saw Scott practice his craft onstage for two sold out Cloud Cult shows in the First Avenue Mainroom (reviewed by City Pages) as well as be profiled in a feature article in the Owatonna People’s Press and a review of “STILL” by John Megas for the arts blog mplsart.com. Thanks to… all for the support! 

There are still two weeks to get down to the gallery to watch Scott work and see the show progress before it closes on Sunday, December 5. There is also one more very special event, a panel discussion on the relation between art and music on Wednesday, December 1 at 6pm.

The panel discussion features prominent local musicians, artists, writers and film-makers, many of whom engage in multiple fields of practice. The panelists are; Scott West, John Megas, John Burgess, James Burpee, Neal Perbix and Mark Mallman. The relationship between art and music will serve as a starting point for the discussion, with the panelists chosen because of their breadth of experiences and perspectives. The format will be a free-form conversation and Q&A, moderated by Carl Atiya Swanson of Crown & Sparrow and CakeIn15.com, and with this array of panelists, who knows where that conversation will go! Your attendance, questions and insights would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday December 1: Panel discussion on the relationship between art and music, 6-8pm.


• Scott West, artist & musician
• John Megas, artist & critic for mplsart.com
• John Burgess, writer & director, No One Said It Would Be Easy
• James Burpee, painter, professor
• Neal Perbix, artist & musician
• Mark Mallman, musician & provocateur & all sorts of fun

This discussion is free and open to the public.

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